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PREPARE. I help individuals apply systems to prepare for performance, and to help them produce. Whether it is for gameday, your big presentation, or any other high-stakes situation, I will fight alongside you.

REMIND. Sometimes the most powerful insight comes from simply being reminded. I continually remind individuals of their worth and their purpose. You are important, you are unique, and you are necessary.

ENCOURAGE. Life is hard. Performing at high levels is hard. You cannot do anything "great" alone. You will need help. Let me help you. I provide range or encouraging educational courses that can be completed remotely. 

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Whether you are an athlete or in business, this will change your life.

Erik - CFP®, CPWA®, CKA®

Co-Founder, AWM Capital

"Josiah is the ultimate professional. His ability to convert his technical expertise into digestible and practical tools is incredible. In a world where it’s difficult to sort through all the performance titles, Josiah delivers everything you hope for and more...I’m a big vision thinker who can struggle to clarify and prioritize my efforts. Josiah helped me solidify my unique giftings and where to double down my efforts."


College Baseball Coach

 “Success follows those who work hard and those who work hard will be rewarded”.  I remind myself of this message when times are getting tough and I might feel like not finishing a repetition or exercise.  Every set and repetition counts and I learned that from Josiah.  My mindset has completely changed and has allowed me to get the most out of  my workouts"

getting your hands on this tactical field manual will be a turning point.

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