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PREPARE. I help individuals apply systems to prepare for performance, and to help them produce. Whether it is for gameday, your big presentation, or any other high-stakes situation, I will fight alongside you.

REMIND. Sometimes the most powerful insight comes from simply being reminded. I continually remind individuals of their worth and their purpose. You are important, you are unique, and you are necessary.

ENCOURAGE. Life is hard. Performing at high levels is hard. You cannot do anything "great" alone. You will need help. Let me help you. I provide range or encouraging educational courses that can be completed remotely. 

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Erik - CFP®, CPWA®, CKA®

Co-Founder, AWM Capital

"Josiah is the ultimate professional. His ability to convert his technical expertise into digestible and practical tools is incredible. In a world where it’s difficult to sort through all the performance titles, Josiah delivers everything you hope for and more...I’m a big vision thinker who can struggle to clarify and prioritize my efforts. Josiah helped me solidify my unique giftings and where to double down my efforts."


College Baseball Coach

 “Success follows those who work hard and those who work hard will be rewarded”.  I remind myself of this message when times are getting tough and I might feel like not finishing a repetition or exercise.  Every set and repetition counts and I learned that from Josiah.  My mindset has completely changed and has allowed me to get the most out of  my workouts"

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"As an athlete, Josiah Igono's work ethic was exemplary, relentless. As a trainer, Josiah has a well earned reputation for being trustworthy, ethical and reliable. Because of his reliability, values, education and experience, I recommend Josiah well ahead of his peers."

Maurice Streety (Coach Mo)

CEO, Coach Mo Sports Group



Josiah's work ethic and diligent efforts to help others in general, and the athletic spectrum are unrivaled"

Carlo C., Coach

Phoenix College



When Josiah is speaking to or training athletes, he commands their attention. Athletes are naturally attentive because Josiah is fueled with such passion. When training athletes, he models the desired behavior and then reinforces the athletes' behavior to achieve desired outcome...Josiah is dedicated to his undertakings, and his own personal demand for excellence is inspiring. His behaviors consistently display dedication, professionalism, and excellence.

Eddie L., S & C

Hamilton HS



For 6 seasons, Josiah taught a character and development program to the Alhambra basketball program. After the sessions, the players and staff were impressed by the dynamic presentation and vital life lessons. This positive message has had long lasting results via a higher team grade point average and fewer players suspensions. Josiah's work goes into the playing field and classroom… His vigor is contagious and his ethics are impeccable. Josiah brings unique gifts that are able to extract greatness of others

Mario M., Special Education & Fitness

Phoenix Union HS District



"From the time I met Josiah, he has been a voice of faith, courage and commitment to doing the right things. I have seen Josiah reach out to the youth in our area on a consistent basis trying to make a difference. Josiah has been a consistent source of faith and inspiration to my program and other programs in the metropolitan Phoenix area. Josiah is the consummate professional seeking to improve our society and the youth that our future. He also has spawned a level of camaraderie amongst our schools and coaches that provides the strength necessary for building a successful program."

D. Phillips, Head Football Coach

Phoenix Union HS District


Another take on "performance"

ricardo lockette

Seattle Seahawks, Superbowl Champion 2011

"Josiah: Thanks for everything...your dedication made me  more dedicated to The Game & God."

Marina N

Serbian National soccer

"It has definitely been a privilege to work with Josiah. As a soccer player, I have had numerous experiences with different coaches. Being from Serbia also gave me an opportunity to get familiar with different coaching styles from other countries. When I first met Josiah, I felt he was different from other coaches. He has a distinct personality that pushed athletes to perform to the best of their abilities. To me, he has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. He possesses unique qualities and he reflects it on his athletes. I learned so many skills when it comes to strength and conditioning training and I will be able to use these skills forever. One of the things I like about him the most is his character, though. He cares so much about his athletes and he always strives to make us better. He taught many of us to stay accountable for each other and to value ourselves. I enjoyed training with him and I respected him so much that I never wanted to disappoint him in any way possible"

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